From the Ashes, a Bovine will Rise

CrayonsYou can’t cram 96 colors into a Crayola 64 box, nor can you pour a whole 40 of King Cobra into a pint glass – some things just don’t work. So how are we expected to travel efficiently during rush hours when us passengers can barely fit inside the means which we are provided? Increased fares, traffic jams and lack of parking have made driving and taking taxis an impossibility. Buses, which are supposed to ease the problem, are now hulking masses stuck within the parking lots which have become our streets. And when the subway is delayed by only a few minutes (which it inevitably is), the station platform fills up so fast that most of us can’t even squeeze through the train doors.

To endure this mayhem once or twice a month is excusable, but when it becomes our daily routine, it’s enough to drive people to madness… and indeed it has. Some of us curse, some of us shove. Some find a reasonable outlet for their anger, while others just push it deep inside. The most insane of us have accepted this as a satisfactory way of life and have thus given up all hope for change. I, on the other hand, have decided to share my stories and ideas in an effort to promote positive advancement in our transportation system. You see, ladies and gentlemen, I am the broken crayon, the spilled malt liquor, and I wholeheartedly believe this is no proper way to live. Goes Live

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